Hear what users say about Protecta Gel

  • I have been using the Protecta-Gel® for about a month and a half. I am no longer having leakage or facial soreness. This device makes wearing my mask a comfortable experience. I would definitely recommend it to CPAP users.

    Mark D. FL, USA (CPAP user, Beta users community)
  • It has worked very well for me. I have a wide, high bridge and was constantly getting leaks at the side of my nose. This item goes a long way towards stopping leaks...I will be interested in seeing how long it lasts since now that I have something that works, I will want to keep using one. Thanks

    Bill VA, USA
  • I wear my protecta-gel consistently, it cushions my mask great! I have also worn it even when traveling overseas. In addition, I recommended your product to 2 of my friends that wear CPAP masks. I will be reordering soon.
    Serwyn -Florida USA
  • I love my Curaplex Gel. My  Bi-Pap mask fits like a glove. No more leaks, no more red lines when I wake up. Easy to use and clean. One Gel last for a month. Works with C-Pap too.
    Wendy Protecta Gel User
  • Jerry is nice. The product is amazing I like the way I’m treated when I call for my order.
  • I love my Curaplex Gel. It helps with the fit of my mask there is no more leaks. Comfortable no red lines on my face in the morning. Well worth every penny. One Curaplex last 1 month.