Protecta-Gel® Care & Maintenance

Care and maintenance of the Protecta-Gel®

With proper care and maintenance of the Protecta-Gel®, it should last up to 30 days.  With proper cleaning after each use, the Protecta-Gel®  will maintain it’s “tackiness” and continue to adhere to the users face.  While the Protecta-Gel® provides the user a comfortable protective barrier between the CPAP / Non Invasive ventilation (NIV) mask and nasal bridge and cheekbones, he or she will also be more apt to wear their CPAP / Non Invasive ventilation (NIV) masks.

PROTECTA-GEL® – Site preparation and product application

There are several factors that affect the success of the Protecta-Gel®.  The face must be properly cleaned to allow proper adherence to the face.  With proper site preparation and application, your patients’ CPAP / Non Invasive ventilation (NIV) mask discomfort should decrease.

How to put on the Protecta-Gel®

How to properly use the Protecta-Gel® with your CPAP Mask.